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Sometimes, one just wants to get away from the busy city life. This tour is an ideal fit for them, for it encompasses the serenity of tea gardens and rainforest and showcases the ruins that stand as a testimony to the grandeur of trade in Bengal.
In and around Jamuna lies a wide range of palaces and temples that have drawn tourists and Historians from all over the world to Bangladesh. The mighty Jamuna made it very difficult to access the North Western part Of Bangladesh. This changes when the Bangabandhu Bridge was built in 1998. Ancient traces of all religions are found in this region. It is believed to be a major part of the southwestern Silk route,
A quick overnight covering the Muslim trade centre Sonargaon and the ancient Buddhist ruins at Mainamati. The is a perfect tour for those who would love to explore the various kinds of archaeology in Bangladesh without having to travel too far.
A large number of people from the Garo community have migrated to Dhaka for employment. However, those who stayed back have continued the traditional lifestyle of Garos. The area around Mymensingh has a good number of historical building. It would not be untrue to say that it is a photographer's delight.
Barisal, most easily accessed from Dhaka, perhaps, by speedboat, is another of the ancient port cities of what was, for over two thousand years, one of the great trading centres of the world. It offered access, not only to the agricultural wealth of the deltaic lands of Ganges and Brahmaputra, with its world famous cotton cloths, such as muslin, and even silk, but also to the enormous riches, both of Northern India and Tibet, but also China, along the Brahmaputra Silk Road. And even the fabulous gems and minerals of southeast Asia, the traders bringing their riches to the ports of the Delta, that from at least the middle of theist millennium BCE, welcomed traders from across the known world, including those from Egypt, Greece and Italy.
If you Google Bangladesh, you will see that most images that come up depict nature at its best. Travel North East to catch one of the best trek trails in the region-wetlands, teas gardens,rainforests, lakes... the list goes on.... come see for yourself
For those who love art, Narail is a must visit for it is the birthplace and home of the famous artist S.M. Sultan. Travellers can join the ottter fishing communities on their daily expedition. Traditionally, this is done at night. However, fishermen are always eager to showcase their trade to tourists.This trip also includes the famous Teota palace which is located at the meeting point of the two mighty rivers- Padma and Jamuna.
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