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Discover the heart of Bangladesh
Over 700 rivers and water ways in this, the world's greatest river delta; seem to justify the description given to Bangladesh. The world's greatest water garden. What a better way to discover the wonders of Bangladesh than in safety and comfort of the country's very first floating luxury hotel - the MV Tanguar Hoar, named after a Ramsar site in Bangladesh.
Let Tiger Tours take you on a leisurely journey across the enchanting waterways of Bangladesh on broad our luxury cruise vessel. Whether relaxing and enjoying the incredible river-life scenery or stopping to take in the myriad sights along the way, MV Tanguar Haor is equipped to provide a high level of comfort and safety while our expert crew and guides ensure your journey is a fruitful one.
Dedicated to sustainability
Tiger Tours is committed to sustainable tourism. We take specific measures to minimize impact on natural environment as well as local communities. For this very reason, our over-night tours are limited to small groups of up to 24 persons.
We have invested a state-of-the-art water treatment facility on board MV Tanguar Haor, which harvests all water served on board and purifies it to the highest international standards. Wastewater is also treated before being pumped out to ther waterways. Dependence on plastic containers is reduced in every way possible.
We also make every attempt to channel funds back into the communities we visit, including locally hosted activities and meals. Longer-term efforts include training of artisans with limited access to markiets to make tourist-friendly ethnic products.
  • Fully air conditioned, 43m long and 8.5m wide vessel.
  • Total 11 guest Cabins of various types. Each has a bathroom ensuite with running hot water.
  • All pipeline water includinh bathroom water is Reverse Osmosis (RO) treated for quality and safety (so much better than water used in Dhaka homes).
  • 2 spacious State rooms having private balconies. Each stateroom has a TV and a Refrigerator for the comfort and convenience of guests.
  • 02 family rooms with bunk beds. Both accommodates 03 guests in each room.
  • 07 standard cabins with twin beds each.
  • Only vessel equipped with solar panels and windmills for generating standby electricity.
  • Vessel is protected by CCTV cameras besides on board armed security personnel.
  • Conference cum Lounge cum Dining Room is commodious with three attached wash rooms
  • Vessel has accommodation for 24 people max for overnight cruises and 80 max for day cruises.
  • Drinking water onboard is RO and UV treated (treatment plant on vessel) to provide purest drinking water. Plastic bottles will not be used on board.
  • Two cold storage chambers have been built on board to carry and preserve food items without dislocation for long cruises lasting several days.
  • An intercom system has been installed in the vessel for the convenience of the guest.
  • There is a public address system on board so that the Captain/tour guide can regularly inform guests about sites and events from the bridge deck.
  • All operating crew members have authorized certification. Both the Master and the Driver hold 1st class certification and have long experience of operating on our river ways including the Sundarban.
  • MVTH is the only tourist vessel with a continental chef. Chef Leonard can not only cook local delicacies but also dishes from around the world.
  • Vessel has laundry room equipped with washing machine and dryer for guest taking long cruises. Charges apply.
  • We have People’s Personal Accident insurance policy for all guests and crew onboard with maximum coverage of BDT 200,000/00 per person. Guests will have to arrange any additional insurance on their own.
  • There is a life jacket for every person on board. Additionally, our vessel has two inflatable life boats not normally carried by river vessels in Bangladesh.
  • Armed Security personnel available on board during tours
  • Eco friendly practises are used for waste disposal
  • Our cruises will focus on the unexplored areas such as the perennial wetlands (Haors) of Netrokona, Kishoreganj, Habiganj, Sunamganj and the life, culture and history in river islands and along the banks of the mighty rivers of the Brahmaputra-Ganges basin.
  • There will be a small library, board games and facilities for recreation for adults and children on board. We will endeavour to add new features on the basis of suggestions from our valued guests and patrons.

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