Testimonies from Clients

Ruhina Halim
Senior Vice President

Quantum Consumer Solutions Ltd

(previously known as Quantum Market Research Bangladesh Ltd)


"Thank you Tiger Tours Limited for making the trip so memorable !!!

We were simply delighted by flawless arrangements, warm hospitality, relishing food and soul touching music

on board. It definitely made our company's 10th year celebration even special. You are simply awesome :)"


Md. Riajul Haq

Fuljhury Ltd

“Overall we had an amazing experience. The service was top class and both us and our guests were impressed with the level of commitment by the staff and the assistance provided.

The journey was made more pleasant due to the quality levels of the cabins and the lounging areas. This, combined with the top class catering services made for an amazing package. The main thing to take away was the overall experience and comfort level paired with the consistent service provided during our journey.”


John Leroux

Architect, Canada

“In all my travels around the world, Tiger Tours gave me by far the most memorable and magnificent guided tour experience I could have ever dreamed of. The guides were knowledgeable, courteous and helpful to the highest degree. I can’t wait to go back to Bangladesh and take them up on another one!”


Pinaki Bhattacharya


“The cruise ship was beautiful and the program was perfect. Our guests were able to put away their worries for few hours. The Tiger Tours vessel is by far the best ship I have ever seen in the waterways of Bangladesh.” 

Tiger Tours

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