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As a young, rapidly growing business, we recruit regularly. Described as ‘not so much a business as a mission’, we are one kind of social enterprise, recognizing our responsibility to the investors who, from across the world, have shown their faith in us. The employees, interns and voluntary workers we seek must be fluent in at least one foreign language, or, with our support, be willing to work at that. They need to be socially interested and aware, with interest in cultural and environmental issues.

          We are looking for:

          •    Young people with vocational skills, such as housekeeping and catering work.

          •    Interns wishing to enrich their studies with practice.

          •    Newly graduated, whatever their study discipline.

          •    Experienced employees with acquired skills for business, planning and technology, and a commitment to people and nation.

          Tiger Tours is not only an equal opportunities employer, but especially welcomes applications from younger people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, faith or orientation.

Current Vacancies:

Interns for:

1. Research

- Gather relevant and extensive information from online and fieldwork

-  Prepare and present results in writing and orally

-  Perform ad-hoc duties to ensure efficient functioning of duties

2.  Write ups

- Short pieces on archaeological site, history, culture, etc

- Make posts on social media pages

-  Prepare information for presentation, itinerary; correspond with clients

3. IT Associate

- General hardware knowledge

-PC servicing, windows setup, install and configure software (operating systems)

- Basic photo shopping

-Proficient in using Word, Power point, Excel

- Troubleshooting system and network problems

- Setting up new users accounts and profiles

- Monitoring and maintaining computer system and network

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