Nijhum Dwip Tour

This cruise will cover visiting and exploring the two islands, Nijhum Dwip and Monpura. Monpura is an attaractive island located at Bhola district, Bangladesh. It has a historical background of Portuguese pirates who used to take shelter in the Monpura Island. Soon after the Portugese left, people from nearby areas started living in the island. It’s presenting an extraordinary beauty which might not be seen in any other southern part of the Bangladesh. Varieties of wild life with green forests are an enchanting scene never to be forgotten. The exclusive feature of the island is that a person can see both sunrise and sunset from the island. 

This virgin new island of Nijhum Dwip raised on the estuary of the great Meghna channel is at the mouth of The Bay of Bengal. The geographical location has been identified just 2 kilometers south west of Hatia under Noakhali district. The island was brought under settlement during 1969 and now it is declared as a unique eco-touristic spot for its ideal natural setup and rich biodiversification factors and the perennial mangrove forest with wild animals like spotted deer, wild boar and rhesus macaque and for the ideal habitat for fish resources. Since south coast is open to the mouth of great span of Bay of Bengal, appearance of whales can be found sometimes.


With this tour package, Tiger Tours facilitates the following:

  •   Full time English speaking tour guide
  •   Accommodation & all meals
  •   Vessel operating cost
  •   All the necessary permits & charges

Does Not Include:

  • Personal purchases
  • Anything not mentioned in the itinerary

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Day 1:

Dhaka-Tarabo- Monpura

10:30AM: Pickup from Gulshan

Will leave Dhaka by TTL a/c vehicle and head towards Tarabo on River Shitalahka.

After boarding MV Tanguar Haor, the cruise to Monpura will commence. During this journey you will be able to indulge yourselves in the luxury and comfort of our vessel, experience life on Bangladesh rivers, catcha glimpse of life on riverbank communities and see hardworking fisherman at work. 

  •  Overnight on board MV Tanguar Haor
  • Meal Plan - Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner will be served on board

Day 2:

Reach Monpura in the morning. Scrumptious breakfast will be served on board. Explore the breathtaking forest of Monpura where a diversity of animals is to be found. From deer’s, monkeys, pythons, dolphins and a wide selection of birds, Monpura will be a delight to your eyes. Take a rescue boat from Monpura to Dhal Char, Chars are river islands that are formed naturally. Locals grow agricultural produce on these islands. Fishing is a popular activity on Dhal Char. (Life jackets and life buoys will be provided on the vessel).

At Dhal Char, guests can take up fishing activity, where a variety of fish are available such as katol, rui, grass carp, etc. In order to sustain and preserve the environment, after the fishes are caught it will be freed in to the water again. However, guests will be able to pay for the fishes they have caught if they would like to.

Leave Dhal Char and head back to Monpura. Lunch will be served on boat

In the afternoon, free and easy. Guests can explore the island and the beachside and experience a relaxing time with their loved ones.Later on, evening tea will be served on the beachside with bonfire. Guests will get to enjoy the sunset at the beach and spend the evening there. Afterwards we will head back to MV Tanguar Haor and halt for the night. Dinner will be served on board.

Day 3:

Breakfast will be served early morning on the vessel. Take rescue boat from Monpura and cruise to Nijhum Dwip. Life jackets and life buoys will be provided on the boat.

Reach Nijhum Dwip. While we complete entry formalities and pay forest fees, guests can explore and enjoy the beachside for an hour or two. Later, visit the amazing natural mangroves in Nijhun Dwip. The mainattraction in these forests are the livelihood of cheetah or spotted deer.This island has been declared as an unique eco-tourist spot for its ideal natural setup with the rich bio-diversification factors and the perennial mangrove forest. Other wild animals include wild boar and rhesus macaque and an array of fishes. Trekking facilities are available as well for nature lovers and adventurers. Lunch served at local hotel. Visit the vibrant local bazaar. From local produce to a number of seafood, bazaar in Njhun Dwip is a must visit. Local food and there infamous natural coconut water is available as well. 

In the afternoon board on the rescue boat to cruise through Dhal Char’s forest coastals which is famous for its amazing wildlife and scenery. Head back to Nijhum Dwip and experience BBQ on the beach.

At night head to Monpura and the guests will board on MV Tanguar Haor for the night.

Start journey back to Dhaka

Day 04

We will be cruising back to Dhaka, on the way you will get to enjoy the scenic beauty of the river community in Bangladesh. Breakfast will be served on board in the morning, followed by lunch and afternoon snacks.

Arrive at Tarabo in the afternoon. Dissembark and board the vehicle to Gulshan.


Nijhum Dwip Tour

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Nijhum Dwip Tour Nijhum Dwip Tour Nijhum Dwip Tour
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